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Friday, July 27, 2012

Old Folks at a Concert

Great concert last night. “Old Crow Medicine Show” at the beautiful Louisville, Kentucky Palace.

Young slip of a woman, I guess with her sister, also about 5’ tall and maybe 99 pounds, turned around before the concert to chat with us. She asked if we were going to dance during concert. I said probably not.  

She then said she hoped we wouldn’t be upset if she danced. She said they had been to a Steely Dan concert a long time ago, back when she was in her early twenties. I had been guessing she had not yet entered her twenties, but you know how us old people are. 

She continued with her story. She had danced at Steely Dan and the old couple behind them had gotten upset because she was dancing.

We told her to dance as the spirit moved her. Just don’t call us old people.  

Last night when we got home, my shoulder AND my feet hurt. We too danced all through the concert, as did the entire audience, of mostly young, very energetic folks. Guess we really are old people.

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