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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Laptops and Guilt

I bet you were expecting last week to read more posts about the Iowa Writers Workshop Festival. Maybe even read a few more dialogues. From the writing class last week.  

Well, I feel guilty about not fulfilling any high hopes you might have had. But I do have a hell of an excuse. Oops, sorry about the language.

No, not writer’s block. I always seem to have words. And, no, the teacher was not a witch, or anything that rhymes with that word. She also did not give us so much homework there was no time to write on my blog. In fact, I loved my class and my teacher. Somehow she opened me to new possibilities in writing at the same time I had loads of fun.

Bottom line is I thoroughly enjoyed my class, my week in Iowa and my sibling bonding time As I may have written already, my brother and I made the pilgrimage to Iowa a second year in a row. 

The reason for my not posting is that somehow I broke my MacAir laptop. It began halfway through a class early in the week. Evil, but colorful, vertical lines on the screen, which grew every time I turned the laptop on and off. Basically, the only electronic maneuver I know. Turn off, boot up. If that doesn’t work I’m done for. 

I spent an evening grieving over my laptop. Then the next morning I was ready to ask forgiveness. I called the Apple help line. When I finally talked to a live person he looked up my account, even though I was not sure of my password. I gave him all the possible passwords I had in my head and my iPhone. One of them must have worked.  

The bad news: no Apple store in Iowa City. The really good news: I still have an extended warranty. I confessed I had no idea what was wrong with my laptop but whatever it was I must have caused it. Mea culpa, mea culp, mea maxima culpa. A little Catholic guilt? 

The Apple specialist said it didn’t matter; this is a hardware issue that cannot be fixed. And he said I didn't need to do any penance. Since I have the extended warranty I will get a new laptop when I go to the Apple store on Monday. He even made me an appointment. I sure hope that is what happens tomorrow.

So, I will let you know if I get a new laptop. And I promise to share a few of my writing projects from Iowa after I get my new laptop. Or is that counting my chickens too soon? In any event, I will let you know what hatches.

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