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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Laptop

My laptop is back! My wonderful, 11" Mac Air, formerly with multi-colored vertical lines in the center of the screen, which expanded to cover most of the screen, has been magically restored by the Apple geniuses. Actually, I believe they replaced the monitor portion, screen, or whatever they call it. And now I am typing on it.

No longer do I have to watch TV and mutter, who is that actor and where did I last see him or her. driving my husband crazy with my muttered questions. Once again I can look up the answer to the nagging questions bopping around in my brain, preventing me from following the program we're watching. You can sing along with me: "My laptop is back."

All I have to say is the Apple extended warranty for my Mac Air was totally worth it. The repair/replacement not only was done at no charge to me, no questions asked. But the laptop was back at my local Apple store, ready for pick up in three days. I'd been told it would take about three to five days. Apple both emailed and called me on the third day to let me know it was ready. Sing along: "My laptop is back."

I decided my Mac Air deserved its own upgraded cover as well. While skimming the Amazon web site to see covers for the 11" Mac Air, my mind became boggled by the diversity, range of prices, and praise and criticisms of the various covers. From fine leather, book-like coverings for well over $100 but criticized as awkward because the monitor cover fell off when the laptop was opened to cheesy, leopard-patterned plastic for a few bucks, I had looked at so many covers I no longer could make any decisions. Sing along chorus: "My laptop is back."

Since I was feeling so exuberant I checked out the Mac Air covers in the Apple store. At the time I bought my laptop the only cover the store carried for the 11" Mac Air was a neoprene sleeve that fit so tightly I could not pull or push the laptop in or out. Weak hands I suppose. At that time I was leaving on a long trip, so I shopped around and eventually found a Microsoft carrying case in the right size.  So this time when I went to pick up my newly-repaired Mac Air, I decided the time was right to treat my laptop to its very own, Apple-designed cover. Oh, you know the chorus by now. If not, hum "Little Green Apples" as sung by Roger Miller, Frank Sinatra or Burl Ives. At least I think they all sang it.

Because you see--my Mac Air now is sporting a trendy, transparent, apple-green snap-on cover. And my laptop is back.

No product endorsement intended. I'm just happy to be surfing the Internet and writing again wherever and whenever I please.

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