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Monday, January 7, 2013

If the NRA Had Its Way We’d Become another Columbia

Do we really want to be like some Latin American countries where armed guards are on every street corner? If we follow the path advocated by the NRA we would not be safer. Instead evidence shows gun violence would go even higher. And the casualties would be mostly the innocent.

Elisabeth Rosenthal eloquently and factually explained, More Guns = More Killing.

We have far too many guns, particularly the kind of semiautomatic weapons that recently were used to kill 28 people, including 20 small children. I include the shooter and his mother who bought the guns in the count of deaths. Maybe all 28 would be alive if she had not been able to buy semiautomatic weapons. Certainly at least some of those casualties likely would have been avoided if the shooter did not have high capacity ammunition readily available.

I have yet to hear any rational explanation of why anyone other than law enforcement needs these types of weapons. They should be banned. And so should high capacity ammunition.

Our elected representatives for the most part have been silent out of fear of, or because they take money from, the NRA.

Kentucky Representative John Yarmuth is one of the few courageous Congressmen who came forward after this most recent tragedy. He and others like him need those who believe gun ownership must be treated in a more serious manner to speak out.

If you agree we need more gun control please consider signing this petition.



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