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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Senior Citizens –Part 2

I recently wrote about some of the indignities and uncertainties for those of us reaching our golden years when we try to get a senior discount. Or should that be silver? My hair is more silver than gold these days—at least without help from some of those products they sell at the drug store.

I’m sure there are people—whether they actually qualify or not--who are offended if someone offers them a senior discount. We do live in a youth obsessed culture in this country. But even if I should think it’s a good problem to have--I’m tired of being asked my age, or for my ID, to get the senior discount.

However, I’ve hit on the perfect solution to get a nice discount and also avoid “senior day” at the drug store. With all the recent online discounts, I scored 25% off and free shipping, which is better than the senior discount, from Walgreens by ordering online.

There were no pushcarts or busloads of other seniors to try to navigate through.  I didn’t spend any time, effort, or gas driving to the drug store. Instead I just carried my package in from the front porch after it was delivered a few days later.  And recognized I’d also scored a free, reusable box and packing materials. How is that for thrifty?

On the internet we all are ageless.

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