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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Afterglow of Grandkids

Once again I haven’t written for awhile. Instead of going to concerts that I could tell you about, I had the pleasure of a long visit with my grandkids. We spent some lovely hours playing board games, making cookies, going to Bernheim forest, and watching kids’ movies.  And swimming, playing at the playground and walking the dog.

I’m still enjoying a little post-grandkids-glow and also suffering a little from the sadness that follows when they return home. But it was more than worth with it for the enjoyment.

My next post will be a more serious article that I wrote not too long ago while stuck on the phone with a “service representative” for a large company trying to straighten out a bill where we had been overcharged. I know overcharges by large companies are not on the order of importance as peace in the Middle East, getting food and medicine to the poor, or even getting through the deadlock in D.C.

But the topic is something most of us don’t think about too often as we are ripped off regularly by the large corporations with which we deal. And despite the legal fiction that a corporation is a person I refuse to use personal pronouns for them.

So I will ask you to think about this topic. And whether we should expect the companies that provide goods and services to us regularly should be held to a little higher standard of accountability.

In the meantime I plan to continue to pick up toys and such left behind by our young visitors and bask in the afterglow of their visit. Maybe I’ll even get to a concert or two in the near future that I also can write about.

All good wishes to you my readers.    

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