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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crazy for our new pup--or just crazy

We have a new collie puppy. Nine weeks old and cute as all get out. We got him the week after my husband had surgery. Probably not the best of timing.  That's a joke or an understatement. Not sure which. 
We had made the commitment on getting the puppy and didn't really have an idea of what the surgery and recuperation would involve. But then you never really do, do you? But that's another blog about what doctors don't tell you. And it had been so long since we had a new puppy we had completely forgotten what a new puppy involves. Sort of like childbirth and a new baby. If anyone remembered what either involved our species would have ended long ago.      
Today I'm dressed. That's a big improvement over last few days--neighbors probably tired of seeing me in pj's, boots and my husband's big rain jacket. But the neighbors don't seem to mind talking to me in that attire. And who knows maybe I've come up with a new fashion statement. I haven't even mentioned the unmatched socks--yes, the pup usually has gotten one of them. 
I still have not showered, or done any of the usual chores today: like making the bed, stacking the dishwasher, folding the large stack of  clothes or even combing my hair. Actually "Before Blazer"--that's our new puppy's name and the term I coined for life before him, I usually brushed my hair and showered every day. Though I won't claim I always did all the other chores every day BB. 
But Blazer sure makes a good excuse for not getting to everything these days. The new baby analogy is very apt--except think new baby with sharp teeth, no diaper and the baby can run faster than you can. 
But what can I say, we're crazy about him. Or maybe just crazy.

The good news is my husband is doing well post surgery. He's still supposed to be taking it easy--nothing strenuous, no lifting over 5 pounds.This weekend he wanted to clean out our asparagus bed as he usually does this time of year. So I agreed to do the chore as long as he just held the bag for the yard waste. Blazer got in asparagus bed with me and "supervised"... Nothing like a little outdoor fun for the whole family.

My husband went grocery shopping for the first time after surgery. I reminded him he's not supposed to carry over 5 pounds and should ask the grocery store to keep bags light or else let them load groceries. Or let me do shopping or go with him. Maybe he has cabin fever and / or he needed to escape wild dog for a little while.  Or maybe he didn't want to be seen with a dirty wife with crazy hair. Anything's possible.
So I'm at home, dog sitting. And Blazer right now is being an angel. But I'm reluctant to move and inadvertently wake him up. I'm just glad my laptop is within reach so I can at least post this blog note. 
My readers may be happy to know my rants on political or news items are in hiatus. I haven't read much news or anything else since Before Blazer. I did watch some TV news but couldn't concentrate with a wild dog in the house.

But I am getting out of the house occasionally. For example, I had physical therapy (PT) on Friday for my neck and pain in right arm. I left my husband with the little wild dog while I went to PT. I came home to find my husband exhausted.  I am now walking with a limp and pain in my lower back and hips. I really don't know if that's related to therapy or just a new issue. But the good news is my right arm feels a little better. 
And another piece of good news--Blazer is mostly house broken--that is if we pay enough attention. Or maybe we are getting trained on when to take him out.  
I will say, this getting old is not for sissies. But having a small fluff ball of a pup biting on you sure takes your mind off of your other problems. 

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  1. Glad you took the plunge again. Sounds like having a baby again!